Like wine, art is for sharing. I create images to share them with others. There is tremendous satisfaction in the creating, but the knowledge that I might delight, surprise, or inform others is my motivation. The work on this site reflects decades of wonderful travel and rich experience, from Saharan crossings to flying in ultralights over Mt St Michel to befriending penguins at the Straits of Magellan.

I strive to reveal the unusual in the usual, and find beauty in the mundane or regularly unnoticed. Grand vistas from the Sahara, Australia, France and elsewhere, intimate botanical studies,  people, machinery and simple household objects all hold visual secrets and have their unique story, which I try to tell with rigorous attention to design and composition.

My audience is visually astute: art directors, graphic designers, interior designers, architects, art consultants and collectors. Engaging and entertaining their well honed sensibilities and demanding vision is a rewarding challenge.

Because beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and because my fascination with the world is nondiscriminatory, I will offer a broad range of subject matter. One woman’s lily is another mans fighter jet. This site will never be finished. It will grow in many directions. 

I also work on assignment. If you have an idea for a subject matter or treatment you’d like to explore, let’s discuss it. If you’re ready to share it, most likely it has withstood the test of time and is a good one.

Russ Schleipman